Palmyra Cove's Education Programs

 We have a wonderful program of outdoor and indoor learning activities and an experienced, accommodating teaching staff. If you would like to reserve an education program for your school, please check the calendar to find an available date in which to book a program. When scheduling a program, please keep in mind that the maximum number of students that we can accommodate per day for our education program is 80. 
We book school field trips on a first come first serve basis. All requests are handled in the order that the School Program Registration Form is received.

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2-Hour Nature Park Program (K-8)

Students will take a guided hike to observe various flora and fauna, explore a wetland, identify aquatic pond life, and observe local weather and its role in the environment. Students will learn about the Delaware River as a water resource and identify various fish through seining. Students will explore predator-prey relationships and competition for food and survival. (NGSS: K-LS1, 1-LS3, 2-LS4, 3-LS2, 3-LS4, 4-LS1, K-ESS2, K-ESS3, 2-ESS2)

Fee: $10/student, designed for up to 80 students


2-Hour Earth SySTEM Program (K-12)

Students will investigate Earth’s system and earth orbiting satellites through various activities: Inside an inflatable planetarium, students will learn navigation, satellite orbits, seasons and how they relate to weather and climate. Students will investigate satellite data using the remote sensing laboratory and through an immersive virtual reality experience, view the Earth from an orbiting space station. Students will also investigate the science and engineering of satellite missions. (NGSS: K-PS2, K-PS3, 3-PS2, 5-PS2, 1-ESS1, 3-ESS2, 4-ESS2) 

Fee: $12/student, designed for up to 40 students


4-Hour Nature Park Program (3-8)

Students will complete the 2-Hour Nature Park program. In addition, students will take an extended hike, explore more ecosystems, learn map orienteering and build their own model of a watershed. Older students will visit the mobile laboratory and explore aquatic micro-organisms from the park. (NGSS: MS-LS1, MS-LS2, MS-LS4, 5-ESS2)

Fee: $12/student, designed for up to 80 students


4-Hour Earth SySTEM Program (K-12)

Students will complete the 2-Hour Earth SySTEM program along with an outdoor component that includes a hike and an introduction to in-situ measurements. Strong connections are made between local and global environments through ground observations and satellite data. Students will work with various tools, such as infrared thermometers, rain gauges, and GPS. Opportunity to infuse GLOBE protocols.

Fee: $14/student, designed for up to 80 students


Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I want to schedule over 80 students? For large groups that exceed 80 students, please schedule your program across multiple days.

What if it rains? If inclement weather prevents outside activities, you may reschedule or may choose to have alternate inside activities. No fee is charged if you cancel due to inclement weather. As rescheduling is subject to availability, it is recommended that you cancel your reservation only for extreme weather events. Many outdoor activities can still be done during moderate weather. Teachers and students are advised to wear appropriate attire in the event of light and/or periodic rain. NOTE: As of Sept. 1, 2017 the rain date policy has changed. Please refer to our new policy included on the registration form.

What is your cancellation policy? We understand that unplanned events come up and you may need to cancel a reservation. If that happens, we respectfully as for reservations to be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. 


Director of Science, Technology and Education, Peter Dorofy 856-829-1900 ext 1263