Virtual Reality Studio




The onsite and mobile Virtual Reality Studios provide the experience of virtual reality (VR) in artificially created, three-dimensional worlds that help to visualize and analyze big-data environments. There is increasing demand in STEM fields such as medicine, engineering, and the geosciences for workers who can apply VR technology to solve problems. In the geosciences, as each generation of Earth-orbiting environmental satellites become more and more sophisticated, VR will be beneficial for researchers to analyze these big data in modeling extreme weather events and solving global climate related issues. Virtual reality is the next logical, evolutionary leap from data visualization to total data immersion. 

  Two products are being developed for the Institute for Earth Observations:

•  Understanding Satellite Observations through Augmented Reality
(USOAR) engages the participant in a view of Space to Earth from a virtual Geoscience and Remote Sensing Orbiting Laboratory space platform orbiting Planet Earth. Participants are able to interact with Geoscience datasets and imagery at their fingertips as collected through Earth Orbiting Satellites. USOAR is featured at .

•  A bridge operator trainer has been demonstrated and shows potential in its use for bridge operations safety and security scenarios. The trainer will generate random emergency events, simulate various weather conditions, and provide a log of events including the operator's responses that may be used for evaluation.