Palmyra Cove Nature Park (PCNP) is a 250-acre urban oasis along a highly developed area on the Delaware River. Habitats include wetlands, woodlands, meadows, wild creek and river shoreline, and a freshwater Tidal Cove after which the park is named.
The Institute for Earth Observations at Palmyra Cove is a STEM educational initiative for students and teachers that studies Planet Earth. This is a unique and engaging facility where experiences can be shared…and innovative collaboration begins!

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For Google Maps Directions CLICK HERE

Directions will take you to Temple Blvd., Palmyra NJ
From there:  Continue on Temple Blvd. toward the bridge. Just before the Toll Plaza, make a right into the driveway, follow the roadway behind the Toll Building and under the bridge. The Palmyra Cove Nature Park/Institute for Earth Observations entrance is just through the wooden gates under the bridge.

Alternate Entrance from Route 73 (suitable for school buses): 
Travel on Route 73 north towards the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. Take the jughandle at FC Kerbeck; cross over Route 73; make the first right (wooden gates) to enter Park Drive to the  building parking lot.

LOST?  CALL (856) 829-1900 FOR ASSISTANCE.