Palmyra Cove Nature Park (PCNP) is a 250-acre urban oasis along a highly developed area on the Delaware River. Habitats include wetlands, woodlands, meadows, wild creek and river shoreline, and a freshwater Tidal Cove after which the park is named.
The Institute for Earth Observations at Palmyra Cove is a STEM educational initiative for students and teachers that studies Planet Earth. This is a unique and engaging facility where experiences can be shared…and innovative collaboration begins!


HoloGLOBE is an evolving concept that utilizes the Merge Cube (Merge Labs, Inc.) to “blend” NOAA’s Science on the Sphere (SOS) with the concept of Google Expeditions. Various SOS programs are being ported to HoloGLOBE. Combined with NASA and NOAA data visualizations and near-real time satellite imagery of our planet, users will be able to explore earth’s systems. Through additional expansion packs, currently under development, users will investigate global precipitation, surface temperatures, weather and more.

Users can virtually visit other parts of the world through participating in the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) network of schools (

HoloGLOBE is currently intended for K-12 students, teachers, and citizen scientists to learn about satellite remote sensing and earth systems. 3D panoramic views of GLOBE study sites are in the works and will be integrated into HoloGLOBE.

HoloGLOBE is envisioned to be a “mixed reality” node where participants post and share their interpretations of satellite imagery along with their own field observations with other participants worldwide.

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HoloGLOBE requires Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” or higher, and the Merge Cube (Merge Labs, Inc.), a VR mobile headset; such as, MergeVR is required for stereoscopic viewing. To access additional content, internet access is required*

*It is recommended you have access to a wireless network; otherwise cellular data fees may apply.

HoloGLOBE is written by Peter Dorofy.
Additional Credits:  Emme Wiederhold developed the ICESat-2 content. This application uses open source components from various projects. You can find the projects along with license information below. We acknowledge and are grateful to these developers for their contributions to open source:

Earth Planet ( (MIT License)

Subject content and datasets have been obtained from NOAA’s Science on the Sphere program at

Please see NOAA’s Copyright Information at

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Route 73 Entrance to Nature Cove Now Open