From Palmyra Cove Nature Park and the Institute for Earth ObservationsThere are several new programs underway in New Jersey. Our Environmental Discovery Center (EDC), home of the 2017 NE Region SRS, is undergoing renovations and new exhibit designs that we are very excited about. The focus of our center is investigating the environment from Space to Earth: Earth to Space (SEES). Our 250-acre nature park serves as an outdoor laboratory to over 4000 students per year. In the new EDC, teachers, students and citizen scientists will be able to view Earth from space using our new Magic Planet. Then of course there is Virtual Reality which will be housed in our new STEM Innovation Laboratory. Our “Acquire, Analyze, and Apply Project” has trained a new cadre of teachers through the NASA GLOBE Mission Earth grant and the NSF IUSE grant on Big Data in partnership with Rowan University. We have worked with the NASA Goddard ICESat2 team in using HoloGLOBE to display data from the mission for educational use. We are participating in the Pre-Launch Educator’s Workshop on September 13th. Launch is scheduled for September 15th. Finally as we begin the 2018-2019 school year, we are looking forward to new collaborative relationships with the Burlington County Institute of Technology and Rowan College at Burlington County which will create a GeoSTEM career pathway for all students.