Palmyra Cove Nature Park (PCNP) is a 250-acre urban oasis along a highly developed area on the Delaware River. Habitats include wetlands, woodlands, meadows, wild creek and river shoreline, and a freshwater Tidal Cove after which the park is named.
The Institute for Earth Observations at Palmyra Cove is a STEM educational initiative for students and teachers that studies Planet Earth. This is a unique and engaging facility where experiences can be shared…and innovative collaboration begins!


Summer Camp at Palmyra Cove Nature Park/Institute for Earth Observations give children an opportunity to be outdoors and learn new things. Camp offerings vary each year, but one mainstay is the highly popular Cove Campers.

Cove Campers

Does your child enjoy being outdoors and making new discoveries?

Our mission is to have students feel a sense of responsibility and ownership of our wild spaces and to learn about their environment in a fun and educational way. Environmental education at Palmyra Cove is hands-on, interdisciplinary, and personalized. Each week of camp will cover different topics, so campers may participate in one or both weeks.

Cove Campers will learn to conduct scientific experiments, including the use of technology and math skills, to learn about the natural world. Some of the activities will include:

  • Seining and beach pollution surveys
  • Wetland flora and fauna discoveries
  • Amphibian and reptile studies
  • Delaware River watershed investigations
  • Habitat creation
  • Natural and recycled arts and crafts projects.