Beth Bresnahan, PCNP/IEO teacher, was named among the top students who submitted measurements of tree heights as part of the GLOBE teacher/student research campaign.

GLOBE officials announced the “Measurement Champions,” that is, the top most active globe trees around the GLOBE. These teacher/student research campaign participants (external to the NASA/GLOBE team) have taken at least 10 measurements during the month of June. Measurements included tree height, greenings, and land cover measurements for the trees around the GLOBE student research campaign!

The map represents the top student/campaign-based measurement countries for each of the three measurements.

The project entitled “Trees and Land Cover” originated from the launch of NASA’s ICESat2 satellite back in September and is a perfect example of how PCNP field studies directly support the analysis and validation of satellite data.

Congratulations to our own Beth Bresnahan and to the all GLOBE Measurement Champions!


THAILAND                    CROATIA                    TAIWAN PARTNERSHIP                    UNITED STATES

  1. Kankanjana             A. Veseljic                   Y. Lee                                                B. Bresnahan
  2. Kaewsuphan           
  3. Tuksinganon
  4. Sisai
  5. Choknut​